The Katogi Averoff winery is in Metsovo, a mountain village built some 1100 metres above sea-level. The oldest parts of the winery date back to 1973, when work began on a new building required to cover the company’s ever-increasing production needs.

Today, after eight separate extensions and renovations, the winery is equipped with all the modern facilities for producing and bottling premium wine. The cellars boast over 1200 oak barrels in which our red wines mature, while the winery boutique offers rare and collectible wines for sale. A tour of the winery includes multimedia guidance, introducing the visitor to wine production and the history of the winery. A tour is rounded off with tastings of a selection of Katogi Averoff wines.

As you descend the stairs into our wine cellars, your senses are heightened by the aromas of wine. Production continues all around: the must fermenting in tanks; wines maturing in barrels and ageing in bottles; wines being bottled and labelled ready for drinking.

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Winery Tour

The winery tour lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes:

  • A visit to the Katogi Averoff cellars, following every stage of production.
  • Video presentations depicting the various stages of wine production and the history of the winery.

Wine Tasting

Prior notice required, at least one day in advance

General Information:

  • The temperature of the cellars is quite low (12 – 14°C). Thus, it is highly recommended to be dressed accordingly.
  • All tasting wines are subject to availability.
  • Tasting glass: 50 ml
  • Our special platters are also available at additional cost. Prior notice required.
  • Guests can purchase wines and various wine enthusiast accessories at the winery boutique. 

“A journey through wine”: An Innovative Educational Programme

True to the vision of its founder, Evangelos Averoff, Katogi Averoff continues to operate ‘with reason and dream,’ focusing on the younger generation. We are introducing an innovative training programme aimed at getting young visitors excited about the vineyard and wine, and introducing them to the world of winemaking through science experiments.

For more information please visit Katogi Averoff Winery website.