Metsovo is a traditional Greek town perched on Mount Pindos in the Epirus region of northern Greece.

The earliest references to the town date from 1380 in the chronicles of the brothers Proklos and Komninos. Initially a small sheep farming settlement, its advantageous location assured its growth and development under the Ottomans.

Over the centuries it developed culturally and commercially but suffered badly during the Greek Revolt of 1854. It was finally liberated in 1912 by Greek troops and volunteers from Crete.

The town is famous for its local cheeses (Metsovone and Metsovela) and winemaking industries, most notably the Katogi Averoff winery. A museum named Averoff Gallery is dedicated to Georgios Averoff. Metsovo is also a popular winter vacation destination and a ski resort.

The Metsovo Ski Centre is situated not far from the centre of Metsovo. In the 1980s, a road tunnel was constructed to prevent driving on long, winding roads. It significantly alleviated traffic and to this day makes travel to the destination very simple for visitors.


Metsovo Folk Art Museum – Tossizza Mansion

A traditional 19th century mansion, decorated in the style of the period including local handicraft, wood carvings, hand-woven rugs, traditional costumes, collections of jewelry, bronze and silverware, swords and rifles. The museum also houses a rare collection of Byzantine icons. Recently opened on the third floor is the apartment of Evangelos Averoff.

The Mansion is open every day except Thursdays
10:00 – 16:00
Tel: +30 26560 41084


Averoff Gallery


The E.Averoff Gallery is a museum of modern Greek art. It consists of paintings, sculptures, drawings and engraving by Greek artists of the 19th and 20th century. On permanent exhibition is a representative collection of 250 works by the greatest Greek artists of the last two centuries: Gyzis, Tsokos, Doukas, Bokatsiambis, Ralllis, Xydias, Pantazis, Volanakis, Prosalentis, Altamouras, Hatzis, Lembesis, Iakobides, Sabbides, Roilos, Parthenis, Maleas, Economou, Geralis, Germenis, Aravantinos, Flora-Karavia, Vyzantios, Kogevinas, Tsingos, Spyropoulos, Kontopoulos, Nikolaou, Hatzikyriakos-Ghikas.

In the museum’s five large exhibition rooms one can see the history of Greek art and its main trends brought the work of contemporary artists, such as Malamos, Moralis, Botsoglou, Moustakas, Paniaras, Prekas, Sorongas, Sperantzas, Tetsis, Fasianos, and others.

Replicas of paintings of the Gallery are available for sale upon request.

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The origin of most of the museum’s permanent works is from the Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza Collection. Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza (1910-1990), politician, writer and inspirer of the “contemporary miracle of Metsovo”, had for many years dreamed of creating a high quality museum of modern Greek art in Metsovo, his hometown. With that end in view, he collected 200 paintings of the period. In 1988 he constructed the three-storey building which houses his collection, and donated both paintings and building to the Foundation which bears his name.

The E. Averoff Gallery opened on August 27th of 1988.

In 1994, the original building was modernized and a new adjoining building was constructed. Exhibition areas were considerably increased, and the Gallery’s permanent collection was enriched with new acquisitions.

The New Building allowed for an increase in supporting areas, including a small library, a video/conference room and the museum shop with the Gallery’s publications, books, puzzles and other gifts. A separate area is now allotted to the children’s workshop activities, while open air exhibitions and other summertime activities take place on the open air terrace with a view to the surrounding mountains.

The Gallery is open every day and holidays except Tuesdays
10:00 – 16:30 (15 Sept – 14 July)
10:00 – 19:00 (15 July – 14 Sept)

Averoff Gallery, Metsovo 442 00, Greece
Tel. +30 26560-41.210, fax +30 26560-42.617

Main Offices:
E.Averoff-Tositsa Institution
Marathonodromou 59, 154 52 Palaio Psichiko
Tel. +30 210-67.78.244, fax +30 210-67.15.543